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International Finance 200055


Lecture Topics
docx 13a forex is not an asset
docx 13b forex quotes
docx 13c forex appreciation and depreciation
docx 13d forex forward carry trade and interest rate parity
docx 13e forex and central bank monetary policy
docx 2a total capital and income returns
docx 2b inflation real and nominal returns
docx 2c book and market balance sheets and business decisions
docx 2d limited liability and business legal structures
docx 3a present value of a single cash flow
docx 3b present value of an annuity
docx 3c present value of a perpetuity
docx 3d ddm theory
docx 3e ddm example
docx 3f multi stage-growth model
docx 3g pe ratio multiples valuation
docx 3h pe ratio and ddm reconciliation
docx 3i fungible assets
docx 3j dcf versus multiples valuation
docx 4a debt introduction
docx 4b money market securities and simple interest rates
docx 4c borrowing is selling debt and lending is buying debt
docx 4d annualised percentage rates and effective rates
docx 4e fully amortising loans
docx 4f interest only loans
docx 4g bond pricing
docx 4h yield curves and term structure of interest rates
docx 7a expected return variance covariance and correlation
docx 7b expected return variance covariance and correlation example
docx 7c graphs of expected return versus standard deviation
docx 7d portfolio return and risk with two assets and different correlations
docx 7e short selling
docx 7f two stock portfolio combination lines
docx 7g three or more stock portfolios
docx 7h markowitz bullet of risky assets
docx 7i tangent portfolio sharpe ratio and cml
docx 7j two fund separation theorem
docx 7k portfolio optimisation using spreadsheet
docx 9a systematic and idiosyncratic variance beta capm and sml
docx 9b capm beta and required return example
docx 9c total systematic and idiosyncratic variance
docx 9d excess returns jensens alpha
docx 9e how capm extends markowitz
docx 9f cost of equity and debt using capm and ddm


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