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Risk Management and Derivatives afin806


Lecture Topics
Topic Adobe PDF MS Word DOCX Video MP4
0aTotal,IncomeAndCapitalReturns pdf docx
0bEffectiveReturnsAndAPRs pdf docx
0cContinuouslyCompoundedReturns pdf docx
0dConvertingRatesWorksheetExampleQuestions pdf docx
0eConvertingRatesWorksheetExampleAnswers pdf docx
1aFuturesPayoff,PriceAndProfit pdf docx mp4
1bFuturesPayoffAndPriceExample pdf docx mp4
1cFuturesValuation pdf docx mp4
2aCallOptionPayoff pdf docx mp4
2bPutOptionPayoff pdf docx mp4
2cOptionsProfit pdf docx mp4
3aOTCForwardsVersusExchangeTradedFutures pdf docx mp4
6aPerfectHedgingWithFutures pdf docx mp4
6bBasisRisk pdf docx mp4
6cImperfectShortFuturesHedge pdf docx mp4
6dImperfectLongFuturesHedge pdf docx mp4
6eOptimalHedgeRatio pdf docx mp4
6fOptimalHedgeRatioExample pdf docx mp4
6gInterestRateSwaps pdf docx mp4
MidSemRevision2016Sem1 pdf docx
MidSemRevision2016Sem1Solutions pdf docx
MidSemRevision2016Sem2 pdf docx
MidSemRevision2016Sem2Solutions pdf docx
7aNoArbitrageBinomialOptionPricing pdf docx mp4
7bNoArbitrageBinomialOptionPricingExample pdf docx mp4
7cRiskNeutralBinomialOptionPricing pdf docx mp4
7dRiskNeutralBinomialOptionPricingExample pdf docx mp4
10aPayoffAtMaturityAndProfitDiagrams pdf docx mp4
10bPutCallParity pdf docx mp4
10cArbitrageTable pdf docx mp4
10dFuturesArbitrageTableExample pdf docx mp4
12aBlackScholesOptionPricingEuropeanNoDividends pdf docx mp4
12bBlackScholesOptionPricingEuropeanNoDividendsExample pdf docx mp4
12cBlackScholesOptionPricingEuropeanWithDiscreteDividendsExample pdf docx mp4
12dBlackScholesOptionPricingEuropeanWithContinuousDividendsExample pdf docx mp4
13aReturnsAndAverages pdf docx mp4
13bDistributionsOfPricesAndReturns pdf docx
13cDistributionsExample pdf docx


Extra practice questions

Tutorial, Futures

Tutorial, Options

Tutorial, Hedging

Tutorial, Basis risk

Tutorial, Arbitrage

Tutorial, Binomial option pricing

Tutorial, Put call parity

Tutorial, Black Scholes Merton option pricing

Tutorial, Returns, distributions and measures of central tendency

Tutorial, Interest rate swaps

Past exams

Mid-semester exams

2017 Sem1

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