Fight Finance

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Question 1045  payout policy, leverage, capital structure, beta

A levered firm has only 2 assets on its balance sheet with the below market values and CAPM betas. The risk free rate is 3% pa and the market risk premium is 5% pa. Assume that the CAPM is correct and all assets are fairly priced.

Balance Sheet Market Values and Betas
Balance sheet item Market value ($m) Beta
Cash asset 0.5 0
Truck assets 0.5 2
Loan liabilities 0.25 0.1
Equity funding ? ?


The firm then pays out all of its cash as a dividend. Assume that the beta and yield on the loan liability remain unchanged. Ignore taxes, transaction costs, signalling, information asymmetries and other frictions.

Which of the following statements is NOT correct? This event led to a: