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Question 1090  NPV, DDM, multi stage growth model

You're considering starting a software company with an initial (t=0) cost of $71.

The first positive cash flow will be $10 in one year (t=1), and will grow by 2% pa for 3 years. So the next cash flows will be:
$10 at t=1;
$10.2 (=10*(1+0.02)^1) at t=2;
$10.404 (=10*(1+0.02)^2) at t=3;
$10.6121 (=10*(1+0.02)^3) at t=4.

From t=4 onwards, these positive cash flows will grow at the lower rate -3% pa (note the negative sign) in perpetuity. So the subsequent cash flows will be:
$10.2937 (=10*(1+0.02)^3*(1-0.03)^1) at t=5;
$9.9849 (=10*(1+0.02)^3*(1-0.03)^2) at t=6;
$9.6854 (=10*(1+0.02)^3*(1-0.03)^3) at t=7, and so on forever.

The required return is 10% pa. What is the net present value (NPV) of starting this company? All results above are rounded to 4 decimal points, and answer options below to 2 decimal points. The NPV of starting this company is: